"Cobblestone" began as a dream with my first dog.   As a kid I showed horses and then dogs.   I finally convinced my parents to let me get my own dog after training and showing dogs for other people.  We selected a Shetland Sheepdog for their size and trainability.  My blue merle Sheltie was named "Fanfare's Cobblestone Blue C.D."  I vowed that someday I would have a kennel and stable to honor my first dog "Stoney".   And that is how I came to  have Cobblestone English Cocker Spaniels.  


I returned to the dog world several years ago when my friend Rick decided to adopt a 15 month old English Cocker Spaniel, Ryan.


Rick and I co-own Ryan but I wanted an ECS of my own. Particularly a blue roan and tan boy, so "Teddy" joined our growing  home of English Cockers.  This is a picture of Teddy (left) and Ryan (right) on our back deck.

Next came my desire for a girl and so "Sadie" rounded out our kennel, and Cobblestone was born!

Teddy,       Ryan,     &    Sadie.       

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